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Poland is now a recognized traditional financial jurisdiction for the licensing of payments and electronic money in Europe. Having the authorization of the cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency wallet operator, Poland is one of the few member states of the European Union and the European Economic Area offering a license for transactions with virtual currency.

Obtaining crypto license in Poland is currently easier than in any other jurisdiction. However, please note, that full compliance with all legal regulations and acts is required. The policy of the government makes it possible to boldly assert that Poland will continue to develop and support the blockchain and crypto business in the future.

Cryptocurrency License in Poland (Authorization) – An Overview

We assist with obtaining cryptocurrency license in Poland. New regulations have been enacted in Poland for legal entities wishing to carry out exchange operations with virtual currencies and offer a wallet service in November 2021. All authorized entities are displayed in the register of activities in the field of virtual currencies. Each entity that received a license has the right to conduct activities in the territory of Poland, as well as outside it. Poland is currently one of the most favorable jurisdictions for doing crypto business with minimal barriers and difficulty to enter the market.

The crypto-field is regulated by the Ministry of Finance of Poland. A crypto license in Poland allows entrepreneurs to make exchange transactions with virtual currencies and provide a storage service for virtual assets (wallet).

Company registration can be done remotely. In order to form a company remotely, each participant must have an electronic digital signature and obtain a Polish identification number (PESEL). It is needed to apply for a license in Poland through the electronic public administration services platform (e-PUAP), where entry is only possible with PESEL. The application shall be submitted in the form and procedure required by the competent authority.

It is also worth noting the low requirement for authorized capital for a crypto-company – 5000 PLN (approx. 1200 EUR.)


All stages of obtaining a crypto-license in Poland (considering a remote procedure) take up to two months. A visit to Poland for 2 days will reduce the total timeframe for obtaining a license to 1 month.


On April 30, 2021, a bill amending the combating money laundering and terrorist financing law was published. The law was accepted on November 1, 2021 and regulates the following activities:

  1. a) exchange between virtual currencies and means of payment;
    b) exchange between virtual currencies;
    c) brokering the exchanges mentioned above;
    d) crypto wallet service.


Crypto activities in Poland are regulated by the combating money laundering and terrorist financing law.
Licensed crypto companies are required to keep a register of transactions, collect information and actions that have been taken to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing under the AML/CTF law.

Current account

In most cases, European banks do not accept applications for opening bank accounts for crypto companies. Also, in Poland there is no obligation to have a bank account. Nowadays, there are many solutions for opening accounts in payment systems for both administrative and operational activities.

Tax Policy

All organizations in Poland are required to submit annual reports to the National Court Register (KRS, Krajowy Rejestr Sądowy). For the lack of reporting, a certain system of penalties can be applied, and the founders and the management board of the company are responsible for it. In addition, monthly or quarterly income tax advances are also paid. Income tax declaration is submitted once a year.
Corporate Income Tax (CIT) is 9% or 19%. The main VAT rate is 23% (not applicable to crypto transactions). Dividend tax is 19%.

Cryptocurrency License in Poland

Cryptocurrency license in Poland— a quick way to develop your business.


We provide tailored offers or this ready package including:

Stages of obtaining crypto-license in Poland:

1. Company formation


a. Preparation of documents for remote registration
b. 2 electronic signatures (required for each of the founders/directors, additional EDS – 500 euros). Remote receipt is possible through certification of the signature at the Polish consulate.
c. Payment of all state fees related to the registration of a legal entity
d. Preparation of initial declarations to the Tax Office and the Register of Beneficiaries
e. The service of renting a legal address and mailbox for 1 year
f. Full package of documents with register seal and certification


The authorized capital (minimum PLN 5,000, approx. EUR 1,200; maximum PLN 50,000, approx. EUR 10,900) can be deposited in cash on the day the company is incorporated. The founders sign the corresponding statement.

Time of remote registration: 7-12 business days, after receiving all signed and certified originals.

  1. Obtaining a Polish PESEL number for submitting an electronic application through the ePUAP platform + entering the company into the Register of companies working in the field of cryptocurrencies

2.1 Obtaining a Polish PESEL number for one of the directors

Timeframe: up to 30 days from the date of receipt of originals

To activate ePUAP, you must register at the Polish consulate. You will need a passport and confirmation of receipt of the PESEL number. Upon activation, a registration application is sent to the Register of activities related to cryptocurrencies.

2.2 Submission of an application for the inclusion of the company in the register of activities related to crypto-currencies, payment of all state fees when filing an application, preparation of AML policies in Polish

*Translation of AML policies into English is made for additional fee

Timeframe: An entry in the register is made within 14 days from the date of signing the application using the ePUAP of the director of the company

List of required documents from client to obtain authorization:

– Scans of passports of all founders and directors of the company
– Completed questionnaires
– Documents certified by the Polish Embassy for remote receipt of a digital signature
– A copy of the passport, notarized with an apostille of one of the directors, who will sign the application for entry into the Register of companies operating in the field of cryptocurrency

Recommended structure of the company:

2 Shareholders, 1 director (can be one of the shareholders)

Requirements for member (s) of the board:

1) completing a training or course covering legal or practical issues related to activities in the field of virtual currencies, or

2) implementation for at least one year of activity in the field of virtual currencies, confirmed by relevant documents.

A package of documents for the company, which is included in the registration price:

– Company registration card in Polish with register stamp and apostille, with translation into English

– Company articles of associations in Polish with register stamp and apostille, with translation into English

– Certificate of registration of the company in the Register of companies related to activities in the field of cryptocurrencies

Timeframe: 1-2 months

Price: 11.900 EUR

Alternatively, with a visit to Poland (for 1 business day) the timeframe will be shorter (around 1-2 weeks in total). Our colleague will meet you in Warsaw and will guide you through the whole process of obtaining the required documents and registering the company. After this procedure, your company will be formed and we will submit the application remotely using the ePUAP access that you will obtain during the visit, after that you will need to sign a few documents for the tax department of Poland and ship it to us. By this time, the authorization shall be obtained, as soon as the authorization is obtained, we will prepare, translate and certify the corporate documents and ship them to you and the process shall be finalized.

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