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Company Setup in Qatar

With a rapidly expanding economy and a progressive growth plan, Qatar definitely offers a wide range of investment opportunities for companies in the years to come. Qatar has a variety of multi-tiered investment options as a result of the nation’s progressive economic policies, drive for infrastructure expansion, and commitment to revenue diversification.

Are you planning to setup a business in Qatar?

There are several types of companies in Qatar.  The company types are similar to those of the neighboring Gulf-Countries.  The majority of our clients choose the LLC that requires a local share holder (51%). After having an understanding of your plans and your goals, we will be able to make suggestions on what types would be the most suitable for you.

Common types of company registration in Qatar

  • Limited Liability Company (LLC)
  • Branch Office & Subcontractor
  • Representative Office
  • Free zones – QFC, QFZ
  • Joint Stock Company
  • Sole establishment
  • Holding Company

Our experienced lawyers offer a free case evaluation.

Export Loans & L/C

Are you looking for export financing?

Finding suitable banks for buyer credits and confirmed LCs isn’t always easy, whether you are looking to finance your imports or are helping your buyer find inexpensive financing. This applies especially to shipments to emerging and developing countries. Our large selection of international banks ensures that you can find inexpensive financing even for difficult markets.

Would you like to simplify your search for financing?

Time is money. E-Mails and telephone calls lead to long communication chains and appointment coordination between you and your (core) banks.
What if you could forego this tedious back and forth and also save time by being able to control and analyze your financing all in one place?

Your Benefits at a Glance

When it comes to efficiency, digital platforms are unrivaled. This is why we together with our partner support, a fully automated digital marketplace. It simplifies the process of finding and analyzing financing offers.
Both experienced buyers and suppliers can make financing requests.
The marketplace was developed in close co-operation with a dozen reputable machine and plant manufacturers. Particular emphasis was put on the security of our infrastructure.

What are the conditions and fees for receiving an export loan or a confirmed L/C?

Administration fees:

  1. Buyer – free of charge
  2. Seller – Export loan 249 Euro per inquiry and for L/Cs 99 Euros per inquiry


  1. A) Products and services from Western Europe to Emerging markets are eligible
  2. B) Buyer credits starting from USD 5 million and a minimum term of 4 years or
  3. C) Confirmed LCs of at least EUR 100,000 with a maximum term of 360 days
  4. D) Products and services from exporters (companies) known to European banks (e.g., Siemens,

GE, SMS, Kaeser, Aerzener Maschinenfabrik etc.)


  1. E) Borrower is a local Treasury or Energy Department or
  2. F) Borrower is one of the 3 largest energy companies in the country or
  3. G) Borrower is a larger company (sales at least (!) USD 50 million) and has an irrevocable / objection-free Payment guarantee, i.e., from one of the 3 largest energy companies in the world
  4. H) For an L/C: the opening bank must be one of the three best banks in the country

Due Diligence

Our due diligence services include independent investigations in the target company’s operating qualifications, operating status, financial status, background of management staff, market risk and management risk. In addition, we conduct comprehensive review of the target company’s compliance with respect to its normal business processes. Examples include whether the target company and its internal staff, shareholders and senior management are involved in adverse litigation, corruption and bribery, and understanding the background of the target company’s investors.

Our due diligence reports are relied on by a wide range of industries. They help customers undertake compliance management, assess their partners’ compliance risk and serve as important basis for collaboration with business parties.

We leverage on our advance data, comprehensive and reliable data source as well as our team of experienced professional to conduct objective, full and comprehensive business data such as to help business decision-makers to avoid working with organizations with irregular operations, thereby preventing them from incurring financial loss or even legal penalties or administrative fines. Enterprises can rest assured that their business dealings with partners can grow in a reliable and healthy

Investment & Risk

Institutional and Corporate Risk

Comprehending the corporate risk landscape, particularly in emerging and frontier economies, is key in order to create resilient and sustainable organizations in a volatile environment. We help organizations to develop and adopt robust risk frameworks and to pursue safely their business operations shielded from jurisdictional, regulatory, compliance, sanction and contentious matter risk based on our deep understanding of target market challenges.

Corporate Structuring and Restructuring

Building the right corporate structure and restructuring obsolete or incomplete structures is key for organizations to remain agile and competitive in the market. We advise organizations on their corporate (re-) structuring requirements in line with local jurisdictional and regulatory frameworks and best practice to suit optimally their particular business structures, growth ambitions and protect against organizational and external risks.

Corporate and Family Governance

Developing and adopting practical relevant corporate and family governance frameworks is essential in often challenging emerging and frontier markets to maintain resilient, sustainable and accountable organizations. We help to develop and integrate based on the concrete organizational needs effective corporate and family governance structures enabling proactive, transparent, responsible and efficient governance frameworks.

Family Business Succession Planning

Family businesses constitute in most of the emerging and developing countries the backbone of the local economy. Preservation and nurturing of family businesses successfully throughout generations is difficult and requires prudent and proactive management skills and an early adoption of appropriate family succession frameworks and processes as the foundation of a sustainable and resilient family business for succeeding generations. We help family businesses in designing and implementing customized family succession frameworks and governance structures addressing among others portfolio management policies, dynamic family forums and policies, robust ownership and holding structures, comprehensive family constitutions, active wealth management frameworks and a forward-thinking succession planning to enable family businesses to flourish for future generations.

Political Risk and Intelligence Analysis

Understanding geopolitical trends that shape government policies and strategies are crucial ingredients of complex decision-making processes especially in volatile emerging and frontier markets. Anticipating and managing political risk impacting organization’s business is essential before making far reaching decisions. We help our clients to comprehend complex geopolitical trends and policies by providing critical insights on underlying political drivers and unapparent factors. We gather and analyze rigorously intelligence and information to relevant political subject matters to enable informed decision making by our clients.

Political Country Risk Profile and Analysis

In today’s fast evolving political landscape and drastic paradigm shifts organizations need to encompass the ability to comprehend complex political policy trends in the mid to long-term to make informed and sustainable decisions. We help our clients to understand micro and macro geopolitical developments based on profound analysis of gathered intelligence and underlying factors substantially forming government policies and political decisions. We provide organizations with specific political country risk profile reports, periodical updates, threat assessments, insights to regional geopolitical developments and analysis to specific political topics essential for our clients’ prudent decision making.

Specific Intelligence Reports and Analysis

We render specific intelligence reports and analysis for our clients to selected matters which require a deep assessment and understanding in areas where reliable information are not easily available. Our analysis adds significant value in the decision-making process of organizations and often shortens timelines.

Business Intelligence Analysis

Access to valuable business intelligence for market entrants or investors is essential in order to define relevant and effective business, corporate or growth strategies. Our team supports organizations with accurate and insightful information and analysis to allow them to adjust or redefine their strategies and corporate policies and to increase their effectiveness.

Economic and Financial Risk Analysis

We provide our clients with economic updates, trends and insights to specific target markets, macro-economic developments, and governmental economic policies highly relevant for organizations long-term and strategic planning in emerging and developing markets.

Economic Outlook and Financial Risk Analysis

Reliable budget planning and effective growth strategies are often not possible without understanding economic drivers and government economic policies. We provide periodical economic outlooks and trends to selected markets, regions and industries allowing clients to generate more accurate forecasting and scenario planning.

Industry Specific Economic and Financial Risk

Reliable budget planning and effective growth strategies are often not possible without understanding economic drivers and government economic policies. We provide periodical economic outlooks and trends to selected markets, regions and industries allowing clients to generate more accurate forecasting and scenario planning.


Risk Management & Crisis Response Plan

Proactive risk management and development of practical relevant crisis response plan contributing to the safeness and resilience of organizations is essential not only in challenging and risky jurisdictions but also in highly regulated and developed economies.

Risk Analysis and Risk Mitigation Measures

While developing an adequate and comprehensive risk management framework for our clients, we analyze organization’s overall risk profile and particular industry related risk factors by conducting a rigorous due diligence process of all specific business sectors to identify threats and to define effective corporate policies and strategies eliminating or mitigating risk.

Developing Crisis Response Plan and Active Management of Realized Risks

Maintaining an effective crisis response plan is crucial in managing and coordinating in an organized manner effectively realized risk or threats. The ad-hoc development of a crisis management plan once the threat has been realized is often too late, will create incomplete results or cannot be implemented efficiently in a short period. We help our clients to design effective and applicable crisis response plans allowing organizations to manage actively realized threats and to mitigate risk impacts.

Enterprise Risk Management Training

We render to our client’s comprehensive enterprise risk management trainings detailing the process and best practice in designing and implementing effective enterprise risk management frameworks appropriate for organizations specific requirements.

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